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aadhar card link with mobile number Friends, if you want to link your mobile number in aadhar card yourself! So stay tuned till the last in this post! And how will you add mobile number to Aadhar card sitting at home, and you will update like this, you will get all the information and you can update your Aadhar card by yourself! Just a few steps to flow! And have to watch carefully! After that, if you update yourself, then let’s know! aadhar card link with mobile number

aadhar card link with mobile number

Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online


People are constantly getting upset to connect aadhar card link with mobile number! How do we link Aadhar card with mobile number while sitting at home? Or How to add mobile number in Aadhar card? Because in today’s era no work is done without Aadhar card. And it is very important to have the mobile number linked in the Aadhar card! Which can do even the smallest work by itself!

But for this it is very important to come to OTP! If you also do not have mobile number in your Aadhar card! So you are missing out on a lot of work! And how will you add your mobile number in the Aadhar card, as soon as you are sitting at home from your mobile, then we have told the whole process in this post, for this you stay till now! So let’s find out! What is it! process

Aadhar Card Link with Mobile Number Change


If the number was already linked in your Aadhar card! But that number got switched off or you lost your mobile then you want to change the number! So you can do this by yourself too! That too without OTP and no separate charge will have to be paid for it! The bus will have to give some time and you will change that number.

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Aadhar card has become very important in these days! And people go to the Aadhar center to get the Aadhar card updated and are engaged in long queues. But he is not able to update his Aadhar card in time. Also time is wasted! But let us tell you that for this you can get the correction done in your Aadhar card through the website of the Aadhar card official. aadhar card link with mobile number He is also sitting at home!

How to add mobile number in Aadhar card? aadhar card link with mobile number


Friends, to add mobile number in Aadhar card, you have to first visit the official website of Aadhar card https://uidai.gov.in/my-aadhaar/avail-aadhaar-services.html! Whose link we have given below! You have to fort on the same gender! After clicking on that link the home page of the official website of My Aadhar Card will open.

To update the Aadhar card, you will first click on the link containing Book an Appointment, after clicking, you will see two options in front of you.
2 book an appointment at Registration run Aadhar seva kendra

You will select the second option! And as soon as you click! After that another page will open! After that you will be asked mobile number, enter the same mobile number that you have to update! New mobile number to be linked! After entering the number,

you fill the captcha code correctly, after entering the captcha code, you write it on the OTP, after clicking on the TV, your OTP will come to that number! The numbers you just entered here! And after the OTP comes, you fill the OTP correctly, hey you submit the final,

After submitting, two options will appear on your screen. In which you will see in the right side the option of update has been given! And there will be a pencil icon, you will click on it, after clicking your name, aadhaar number, mobile number, email id, all this information will be asked from you! And you will fill it correctly Remember which Aadhar card has to be updated! Enter the same number! And the mobile number you go to to add a new one! Enter that new number where you are,

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After that in the bottom you will see many options in which date of birth mobile number email id address will be asked to update all these things! And out of that you have to update! You will click on it like we have to update mobile number! So we will tick the mobile number!

After that you will click on Proceed after that your screen will come. Whatever you have entered your information that you are asked to update! She will see you! And you will check it once if everything is correct! then you will click on save

After clicking, it will take seconds itself, after that all your details will appear on your screen! Once you see it properly, after seeing it, you will be asked for some permission! Which you will tick, after ticking you will submit!

As soon as you make the final comprehension! He will have your receiving on your screen! And you download and keep it in receiving so that if you want to check the status like this next! So that’s when you’re going to need this receiving! Make sure to take a printout of it and keep it with you.

How to link aadhar with mobile number by sms


We are going to tell you the easiest way to do aadhar card link with mobile number! If you also sitting at home and want to update mobile number through SMS! So first you would dial one 14546 number! And remember to call this number from the same number! The number you want to add to your Aadhar card. Or want to edit! So you call on this number and remember to do it from the same number! The number you want to update!

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After that IVR will ask you are you Indian! Or NRI then you will select Indian, for which you will have to select 2! Then you will be asked your Aadhar card number according to Indian law rules, for which you will have to press 1!

After filling all this information i.e. you dial the number of Aadhar card! After that you have to press one, after that OTP will come on your number, you will have to enter that OTP there!

Let us tell you that the OTP will come of 6 digits, after filling that OTP, you will have to press two to link the mobile number with the Aadhar card! After that again you will get an OTP, you will have to enter that OTP again and you fill the OTP correctly.

After filling all the information, this Aadhar card update that you will also get the message! And all the information will be given to you via email! And you can update your mobile number in Aadhar card in the same way! he is also sitting at home aadhar card link with mobile number

aadhar card status online


The Aadhar card that you have operated by yourself! After updating mobile number or date of birth or email id or name or address, you must have received a receipt! A number will have been given in it, you can go to the official website of My Aadhar Card which is given below!

Will click on the same and after clicking in it you will be asked that number! You have to give that number to India, after that put the captcha code there! And whatever information is asked over there! You have to fill all the information correctly, after filling it correctly, you will submit the final! What’s on your screen after final submission! You will see your current status! And in the same way whatever you are, what is your Aadhar card status! You can check through online!

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