Shah Rukh Khan said this Shah Rukh Khan said this when Twitter user asked him to describe Salman Khan in one word

Shah Rukh Khan said this Shah Rukh Khan less than an hour ago shared a tweet inviting people to ask him different questions. “We all wake up with questions….today I woke up with answers! So thought maybe we could do a #AskSRK for 15 minutes…if you have time to spare please ask,” he tweeted. As soon as shared, the post created a buzz among people and started receiving likes. Netizens also asked various questions and many received interesting replies from King Khan.

A Twitter user asked him about his fellow actor Salman Khan. “One Word About Salman Khan,” they wrote. In reply, SRK shared a very sweet post. “Awesome and very kind ( sorry two words) but bhai hai na,” the Pathaan actor shared.

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One Twitter user asked the actor, “Why are you so hot #asksrk.” In his usual witty style, Khan replied, “Peri peri sauce with chicken helps…I think.” Another Twitter user asked him about his lifestyle changes post pandemic. “#AskSRK biggest change in lifestyle post-pandemic?” they tweeted. To which, the actor replied, “I think I have become less wanting to do everything in a rush.”Shah Rukh Khan said this

Take a look at some more tweets from Shah Rukh Khan’s question and answer session on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan said this
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