Satta king Result 2022

Satta King Game 786 Gali Disawar Result, Chart सट्टा किंग रिजल्ट Live

Today’s Satta King Result? In this situation, there is hardly any person in the world who does not want to become rich overnight. Because of this desire, selected people join business or job profession by choosing the right path. While some people take shortcuts and make a way to change their fortunes in India’s intrinsically famous satte bazaar gambling. satta king result

Some people become Aamir in the desire of more money. So at the same time some people also come to the poor overnight. In this article, the information related to Satta King (Today Satta King Result) is given below. The purpose of the information contained in this article is only to share the information about the Satta King result with you. that already exists on the Internet.

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आज सट्टा किंग रिजल्ट 12-11-2022 | Aaj Satta King Game Gali Desawar Chart Result

Today’s Satta King Result has been published below. Which has been obtained from various sources of the Internet. Which includes Play Store Application and different websites. wikiHindi does not endorse any online or offline betting game. This article is written for information only, its purpose is not to promote Satta-King. satta king result

Game Time कल का रिजल्ट आज का रिजल्ट
DISAWER 05:00 AM 83 81
GALI 11:15 PM 60
FARIDABAD 06:15 PM 40 89
GAZIYABAD 08:00 PM 88 85
INDIA BAZAR 04:15 PM 18 88
PUNE 11:45 PM 12
RANCHI 05:00 AM 38 38
DELHI GOLD 07:45 PM 90 97
MUMBAI CITY 11:45 AM 69 21
GOLDSTAR 04:45 PM 24 55
HINDUSTAN 05:30 PM 32 46
KAVERI 07:30 PM 77
OLD DELHI 04:00 PM 97 69
Kashipur 04:30 PM 51 32
Gali 12:02 AM 02 60
Game Time कल का रिजल्ट आज का रिजल्ट
PUNJAB 03:30 PM 39 56
DELHI BAZAR 03:00 PM 62 98
SHER BAZAR 03:00 PM 34 51
DUBAI MARKET 04:30 PM 06 29
PARAS 07:40 PM 30 84
DELHI STATE 01:00 PM 38 25
TAJ 03:15 PM 78 62
UP 05:00 PM 93 61
LUCKY – 7 10:10 PM 46
PESHAWAR 03:10 PM 49
SHALIMAR 07:10 PM 20
BIKANER SUPER 02:00 AM 30 58
Lucknow Gold 12:10 PM
Game Time कल का रिजल्ट आज का रिजल्ट
SAI RAM 03:30 PM 85 40
HARIDWAR 12:00 PM 39 29
DELHI CHAUPAL 05:00 PM 75 15
HARYANA BAZAR 03:30 PM 01 37
TAJ MAHAL 03:00 PM 20 81
KALYUG 02:20 PM 33 69
DELHI CITY 04:30 PM 78 24
ANNADATA 10:00 PM 47
JD DHAMAKA 05:30 PM 77 96
HYDERABAD 07:00 PM 90 9
SAFFAR 07:50 PM 15 43
GOA KING 09:30 PM 88 85
NEW TAJ 03:15 PM 92 77
DELHI EXPRESS 07:40 PM 30 16
ALL INDIA 08:30 PM 11 21
MAYAPUR 07:45 PM 00 14
SANI BAZAR 05:30 PM 18 62

सट्टा किंग क्या है? | Satta King

According to the information available on Wikipedia on the Internet, Satta King used to be a method of placing a bet on the rate of cotton. The Satta king game was started even before the independence of India. Before the independence of the country, this betting game was also known as Data Jugaad.

Satta King Result Disawar 

But in the decade of 1960, a lot of changes were brought in the rules of this game. Under the new system, this game was played by taking out slips from earthen pots.

Satta King लीगल है?

No, Satta Matka is completely illegal in our country India. Let us tell you that under the Public Gambling Act, 1867, playing the game of Satta Matka or its related establishments is completely prohibited in India. There is also a provision of punishment if caught while playing this game.

सट्टा किंग का इतिहास

The beginning of games like Satta Matka in India started even before India became independent. Before independence, Satta game was played in traditional ways. But now due to the increasing demand of technology, Satta Matka game is also being played online.

Let us tell you that before the development of technology, matka was used to play satta matka game. Hence the name of this game was Matka. In this game, pulses were given in the pot by writing some number on the slip. After which the pamphlet was taken out from the pot.

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Then the number that came out in the leaflet came out. He used to be the winner of this game. During the country’s independence, the game of betting was played at the cost of cotton. In which this game was played at the starting price of the day of cotton and the last price of the cotton of the same day.

Famous Satta King

वर्तमान समय में कुछ फेमस सट्टा किंग गेसिंग गेम कुछ इस प्रकार है।

  • Rajdhani Day,
  • Time Bazar,
  • Supreme Day,
  • Milan Day,
  • Supreme Night,
  • Worli Day,
  • Kamal Day
  • Sagar Night,
  • Main Mumbai Day,
  • Kuber Morning,
  • Rajdhani Night,
  • Sagar Day,
  • Bhagyalaxmi,
  • Super Kalyan,
  • Milan Night,
  • Bombay Bazar,
  • Kalyan Night,

last word

Through this article, you have come to know the numbers of today’s Satta King game. Apart from this, if you have any kind of question, suggestion or complaint related to this article, then do tell us by commenting below, thank you.

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