India America Relations : Desperate to build friendly relations with India, US official said – in the year 2023 both countries will come closer

India America Relations: – For the sake of information, let us tell you that America has now expressed its hope that in the year 2010, there was hope of coming closer in relation between India and America. Tell me, a senior official of America White House said this Has expressed the point and said that in the year 2022, India and America have come closer to each other strategically.

India America Relations: America has expressed the hope that in the year 2023 there will be more closeness in the relations between India and America. A senior official of the US White House has said that in the year 2022, India and America have come closer to each other strategically. He said that the next year will be very fruitful in terms of India-US relations. The American official has said this at a time when US President Joe Biden has recently praised India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is being linked to this link.

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America praised India’s role in G-20


Let us tell you that during the recently concluded G-20 summit in Bali, America’s Vice President Security Advisor John Final had played a role in making his important consensus on many issues and let us tell you that Bali summit of G-20 In the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also said about Ukraine that war is not an option for any problem and this statement of Modi made America and Western countries also upset. Let us tell you that after this statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these countries There is also an expectation tied to India, especially when India will preside over the G-20 in the year 2022.

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In the White House, Deputy National Security Advisor Jan Finer played a key role in building consensus on a number of issues during the recent G20 summit in Bali. It is noteworthy that in the Bali summit of G-20, PM Modi had said about the war in Ukraine that war cannot be an alternative to any problem. America and western countries are proud of this statement of Modi. After this statement of PM Modi, these countries have an expectation from India. Especially when India will chair the G-20 in the year 2023.

Expressing his views on Indo-US relations, Finer said that the Biden administration is committed to better relations with India. He said that the years 2022 and 2023 are very important in terms of Indo-US relations. The American senior official said that we have the Quad Summit on the agenda to come. He said that India has the command of G-20. On both these occasions, we are looking at the joint role of India and America.

Need for a special relationship with India


He said that the entire Biden administration and US President Biden himself needed a special bilateral relationship with India. He said that India-US relations are constantly evolving and have immense potential and potential to continue to improve. We are deeply committed to doing this, Finer said. He said that this is because both the countries believe in the democratic system. There has been a high degree of continuity in the relationship between India and the US over the decades from one administration to the next.

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Indo-US relations go back decades


US Deputy National Security Advisor Finer said at a luncheon reception to celebrate the festive season that 2022 was a hugely successful year for both countries and another big year to come will be even better. It is symbolic of how the India-US relationship has progressed over the decades.

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