How To Crack Open Coconut- Chef Vikas Khanna Shares An Easy Tip

How To Crack Open Coconut

Let’s agree, coconut is one of the most versatile ingredients in our kitchen. It is easily accessible and can be consumed in various forms. Take coconut water, for instance. Deemed to be super hydrating, coconut water works as a perfect summer cooler and can be used to prepare various mocktails and cocktails. Then comes the coconut flesh. How To Crack Open Coconut You can have it as is or use it to prepare various sweet and savoury dishes. While we find various fuss-free recipes to prepare with coconut, but breaking it open can be tougher than it seems. The hard shell outside makes it difficult for all to crack it evenly. As a result, we often end up hurting ourselves. But, fret not, as always, we have got you covered.

We have found a super easy tip that will help you crack open a coconut seamlessly. This kitchen hack has been shared by celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna on his Instagram handle. He explains this tip is widely followed by people in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. “I was in Kolhapur, Maharashtra when I saw a local woman do this trick like a pro. How To Crack Open Coconut It truly works depending on the type of coconut and its age. You might need a paring knife to detach it from the shell sometimes. But this works,” he wrote alongside a video, demonstrating the process.

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Easy Kitchen Tip: How To Crack Open A Coconut:

  • Break the coconut into two halves.
  • Place each half on a gas stove, keeping the hard shell on the flame.
  • When the shell turns almost black, turn off the flame.
  • Take some cold water in a bowl and place the coconut in it.
  • Then slowly separate the hard shell from the coconut meat.

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