Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen

Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen: Dream11 आज का ये Tim करोड़ों रुपए देगा , 3 तरीके से #01 Rank

Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen


Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen

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Friends, if you also invest in dream11 every day, but you lose or win only the amount of money you invest, and you also think that we also earn millions of rupees from dream11 and in your mind too. This question is Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen then you have come to the right place, let me tell you

That through this article all of you will get that trick by which you can also earn lakhs of rupees, just for this all of you will have to read our article till date, according to the information given, you will earn money from dream11, friends, we all know that Many such people earn a lot by investing money on dream11 Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen

Friends, let us tell you that dream11 has become a means of earning now and people participate in dream11 enthusiastically and they have a dream that we too get number one position and we also win lakhs of rupees in 1 day. But due to lack of correct information, they are not able to choose the right team, because of this they lose money and also get upset and there is no question of money.

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For this, you should have the right information, after all, on which ground the match is being played and how is the weather there and who will play or not play in today’s match, how Peach plays, then tell you that through today’s article all these All of you will know the information and if you use the method mentioned then you can also earn money from dream11, so let’s know in detail Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen

पिच रिपोर्ट के अनुसार Dream11 कैसे लगाएँ


Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen Tata As soon as the season of IPL 2023 started, since then it has become like a festival in the country, people think about earning along with watching matches and many such types exist among us. With the help of which we are thinking about earning, friends, if you set up a team in dream11, then tell you that first of all you have to take this information.

That the performance of this player is going bad and which player is playing well, as well as the captain and vice-captain have to be selected who played well in today’s match, let us tell you that all this information has been given in detail below, so that Will be helpful for you to choose either and you too can become champion of dream11

Dream11 में प्लेयर को चुनने का सही तरीका

Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen Friends, if you select a player in Dream 11, then you have to see how much and how little he is made at this place, get the pitch information for two to three years. After that, you have to see whether this place is good for bowling or for batting, if it is good for bowling, then you have to choose more bowlers.

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And out of that, which bowler has a good form, he has to be made the captain and if you want to see the player of the other team as well, which bowler has good form, he has to be made the vice-captain, if the batting is behind, then you have to give the batting player the majority. If you want to choose, below you have been given a link, after clicking on that link, you will get the best player of each day and you will earn good money.

Talking about the present time, the Indian Premier League is going on, in its Dream11 team, players are selected from both the teams according to the bench and you are also selected as the captain and vice-captain, and in this you will be selected every day.


Dream 11 Mein Team Kaise Lagaen

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